Posted : November 7th, 2017


While things have been rather silent here in favour of Ahrayeph's social media presence, we're not dead and gone on this website. And we have some news to share with you, pertaining to the present and future of Ahrayeph;

As you can see, 'AnimAElegy' finally got its long time coming digital release on the band's Bandcamp page. Raf remixed and remastered the entire album, feeling that after two years, it didn't hurt to give the album a sonic update. The songs, however, remain largely the same as they were recorded back in 2015. He only added a few atmospheric things here and there and updated some effects for better ones. Everything else remains untouched.

This will not be the only digital release receiving an update, though. You can look forward to another updated old song coming soon. The reason for this one getting the same treatment, is that it was recorded and mixed rather in a hurry, as a favour for the Cathedral 13 radio station, so Raf deemed it could be done better. Coming rather soon!

Next up is the 10th anniversary edition of 'Marooned On Samsara'. The original album is now completely sold out, and to celebrate its release on April 15th 2008, there will be, you guessed it, a new version. Raf : "I will always be fond of the original album, as it was my first solo outing. But I've grown as a musician and producer, and the songs have grown too, because I played them live several times, which revealed more of their strengths that I wasn't aware of when I wrote and recorded them. Playing songs live always seems to help them to become stronger. So, with that in mind, as well as the original album being sold out, I felt it was time for an entirely new version of 'Marooned On Samsara'. As opposed to 'AnimAElegy', which was only remixed and remastered, 'Marooned MMXVIII' will be completely re-recorded, mixed and mastered. With the original album now out of print, I want it to remain a time capsule, and instead showcase where these songs stand right now."

We understand the recording of this anniversary release is already under way. Look for 'Marooned On Samsara MMXVIII' to be released - this time only as a digital release via Bandcamp - in the Spring of 2018. But that's not all...

Hot on the heels of this anniversary release there will be the release of a brand new Ahrayeph album, 'Heavy Like The Ancient Sun', an musical piece conceived as a tribute to one of Raf's dearest friends, James Blaast, who died in August of last year. Aside of being one of Raf's closest friends, James was also the number one supporter of his musical endeavours as well as a font of musical knowledge. He was the one who bestowed Ahrayeph's music with the 'Prog Goth' designation, which now has become a badge of honour for Raf, and has been adopted by several music critics, years after James Blaast started using the term. Look for that album to be released around mid-August of next year.

And it doesn't stop there. Raf has also announced the intent to release a double album in the Spring of 2019. "I've always wanted to at least release four albums under the Ahrayeph banner," Raf says. "The fact that I have plenty of ideas left after HLTAS to write two concepts at the same time - and once again, the term 'concept' should be interpreted loosely, not necessarily an evolving story line - prompted me to think about releasing a double album, instead of a fourth and a fifth album, and I felt I should just do it, convention be damned."

Apparently, the double album already has a title and the song concepts for each album are already written out, so we can only imagine Raf is dead set on releasing this double album.

Exciting times ahead, keep watching this space (as well as the various social media pages, of course)!

Posted : March 15th, 2016


Exactly six months after 'AnimAElegy' - still available in the shop, by the way - comes Ahrayeph's last hurrah : 'The Desert Song E.P.'.

Its name, inspired by Raf's undying fandom of the bands The God Machine and Sophia, both led by Robin Proper-Sheppard, hints at Ahrayeph being in an emotional, spiritual and mental arid environment, once again marooned,. Much more than being a mere clone of either band, however, the songs are all but barren.

'Desert Songs III-IV-V' clocks in well over twenty minutes, and meanders through day and nighttime desert soundscapes that only Ahrayeph can conjure up in a wild and ofttimes hallucinatory sonic trip, where once you get in, you won't know if you'll ever get out, let alone if you'd want to.

'Perish', on the other hand, while a bit more conventional, brings Ahrayeph full circle, as it was the very first song to ever be recorded, one year before Crucifire came into being. It even made national radio at the time. And it was featured, under its original name 'Downfall' in the original 'The Rain Suite' trilogy on Crucifire's only demo in 1996.

So, having come full circle, Raf is moving onto other musical endeavours, one of them being the metal project Trans World Tribe, which is slated to release a debut E.P. of its own in early Summer. So is this the end of Ahrayeph? Only time will tell...

Posted : September 15th, 2015


*** Happy 'AnimAElegy' Release Day!

Yes, it's official : as of today, Ahrayeph's second album, 'AnimAElegy is out for all to have and to hold. If you aren't sure what you're getting into, you can still preview the album for a few days by loading the pop up player (disable your browser's pop up blocker for this page).

As with the pre order process, 'AnimAElegy' and all the different package options in which you can buy it, are only available from the 'Goods' page on this site. Since pre ordering has now officially ended, prices have changed a bit for some of the packaging. Also, 'Innerland II' will now no longer be available as a free download. Nevertheless, we think there's plenty of Ahrayeph to enjoy on this beautifully dark album! ***

Posted : September 10th, 2015


*** Inbetween all the 'AnimAElegy' pre-release news and events, Ahrayeph hasn't stopped thinking about playing live. And here's one : The German M'Era Luna Festival is calling fans to vote for their favourite bands to play at the festival

It's really simple : just go to M'era Luna's voting page - the main one's obviously in German, but there's an international one in English as well - and enter the band's name.

Did we say 'band'? Well, perhaps not as such right now, but see this as a 'against all odds' and 'in the name of the Law Of Attraction' kind of thing, where Raf - who told us is absolutely chomping at the bit to get back on stage - will do his damnedest to get a band together in the coming weeks and months. After all, M'era Luna is not the only festival and presenting the music of Ahrayeph in a live setting has always been a major factor in its existence. So get to voting and cross your fingers!


Posted : September 10th, 2015


*** With five days to go, and a video already promoting the album, we've decided to add a pop up audio player to this page.

You can watch the embedded video below, but if you want to listen to the songs in advance - and that's including the pre order only exclusive song 'Innerland II - then you need to click this link.

Enjoy, and don't forget to pre order; only five days left!


Posted : September 1st, 2015


*** The time is finally almost upon us. What was announced about a year ago from today, has now come to the final stage : the imminent release of 'AnimAElegy' on September 15th.

You can still pre order here and have any of four options : just the 'AnimAElegy' album; a limited package of both 'AnimAElegy' and 'Marooned On Samsara' as long as supplies of the latter last; 'AnimAElegy' with a limited edition, pre order only T-shirt; or a package with all three items. So pre order now!

Meanwhile, have a look at the finished CD below, fresh from the factory. There will be more previewing in the run up to the release date, so keep checking back frequently!


Posted : February 19th, 2015


*** New promo pics! Because they're new! Check 'em out here!

Meanwhile, recording is still under way, and will be extended, as these things tend to run past their deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances. Raf has indicated he wants to re-record most of the vocals now, as well, which adds another week, maybe even two, to the recording schedule. But the release will go ahead as promised, just a bit later. So, more time for you to pre order and do your part to make that shirt happen!


Posted : December 15th, 2014


*** So, here it is : the exclusive, limited edition 'AnimAElegy' T-shirt, that will only be available if we get a minimum of 100 pre orders for it by January 15th.

The plan is to have the print in gold colour, to differentiate it from a regular 'AnimAElegy' shirt that might become available after the album's release Just imagine how much this will stand out, because no one except those who pre order will be able to own this shirt!

So don't wait until January 15th! Pre order now and help make 'AnimAElegy' and the shirt a success!


Posted : December 6th, 2014


*** As promised, the order process for all the AnimAElegy packages is online! Just follow this link to the Goods page, where you will find all the necessary information on how to pre order the album, or any combination of the album with 'Marooned On Samsara' and the limited edition T-shirt.We'd like to stress once more that the shirt will need to reach a pre order volume of minimum 100 shirts by January 15th, or it can't be manufactured, but if you've pre ordered it, the amount of money for the shirt will then be reimbursed.

Remember, if you pre order, you will also be getting a download code for an exclusive non-album song with your album or package, so put your order in now, because once the album's released, all the extras won't be available anymore! ***

Posted : December 5th, 2014


*** A message from Raf, with some very, very important information, and a nice first look at the 'AnimAElegy' cover art! Please share this news with as much people as you can.

So, here's the AnimAElegy front and back cover. As you can see, and as I've announced before, I've gone for the minimalist approach; hope you'll like it. No, I can't give you the full track list yet. That will be revealed at a later time.

This also means I've finalised the pre ordering options. And I've come up with a few options, and all of them are priced with shipping included :

- There is, of course, the album on its own. This will cost €15/£12/$20

- The second option is both 'AnimAElegy' and 'Marooned On Samsara', available for €25/£20/$30

- The third option is an interesting one : it pairs 'AnimAElegy' with a special, limited edition 'AnimAElegy' T-shirt. This package will come at €27/£22/$34. Now, let me put something in capitals : THE T-SHIRTS WILL NOT GET MADE IF THERE AREN'T 100 PRE ORDERS BY JANUARY 15TH!

Sorry for that bout of online shouting, but I want to make this crystal clear. I *want* to do a T-shirt, but due to the cost involved, I cannot do it unless there is a certain demand, and a pre order of 100 shirts will cover those costs and the shipping included. There's just no other way I can do this. So if you would like a brand new, exclusive, Ahrayeph shirt that will not be available to anyone else, go for it. If you look at the pricing, which - again - includes shipping, you'll see it's rather cheap, too. If there aren't enough pre orders for the shirt, you will be refunded the money that would have gone towards the shirt, but you'll still get the album for the price listed in the first option.

- The final option is, of course, both albums plus the exclusive shirt, coming in at €35/£30/$46.

For clarity, the options have been given a code :

A_001 for the first

A_002 for the second

A_003 for the third

A_004 for the fourth

So, how to pay for all this?

First, there's, of course, the PayPal option. As of tomorrow, December 6th, there will be a PayPal button on the Ahrayeph website with a drop down button providing all the options listed above, both on the news page and in the 'Goods' section. Just select the option of your choice, and click to buy. Easy as pie.

The second option is an international bank transfer to account No. BE46 4311 5506 1136, BIC code KREDBEBB. In the message section, you'll have to mention the pre order package of your choice and a valid e-mail address to contact you on.

The last option, is to send the money plus a note with your pre order code, your address and a valid e-mail address in a sealed envelope to : Ahrayeph, Leuvensesteenweg 174, 3370 Boutersem, Belgium. If there are coins involved, please make sure to secure them in the envelope in a way that prevents detection by less than honest people. That goes for the bank notes as well, of course.

I won't use Western Union, because they will charge you for sending money, and I don't want you to pay any more than you already do. If, of course, you want to use Western Union anyway, shoot me an e-mail on info [AT]ahrayeph[DOT]be, and I'll provide you with the details to do so.

Pre ordering will continue all the way through to the album's release, but, as I've already said : the limited edition T-shirt option will be taken offline after January 15th if the target of 100 pre orders won't be reached by then. If it is reached, it will remain available until the release date, that goes without saying.

I will also do my best to have all the pre orders sent out to reach you at least a few days before the album's official release date (provided you've ordered until a week in advance of the official album release date), so you can enjoy 'AnimAElegy' sooner. And if you like what you hear, you're, of course, free to spread to word to your friends to get it, too.

Wait, there's more! If you pre order, you will also be eligible for a free download of an exclusive non-album song! When you get your pre ordered album option, it will include instructions on where and how to download the song. How's that for a sweet deal?

And there's even more : I've decided to go the interactive way a bit more. For the four weeks preceding the album's release, I will post a weekly video blog on the Ahrayeph site and the Facebook page. These will involve behind the scenes footage of the album recording and interviews with each band member. If you have any questions for us, send them to the e-mail address I've mentioned above (and here it is again : info [AT]ahrayeph[DOT]be) by the end of this month, and we'll do our best to answer them.

So, there you have it. Again : please share this post with as many people as you can, to help make 'AnimAElegy' a resounding success. The more sales this album clocks, the more leverage we have to follow its release up with live gigs all over Europe, and we would really love to play these songs - and all the previous ones too, of course - for you anywhere you'd like to see us, but we can't do it without you.

I will not be around much until after the holidays, as the album's recording sessions and the artwork development will demand most of my time, so, barring any spectacular new developments, I'll be seeing y'all in 2015. Have a nice holiday season!

R. ***

Posted : May 22nd, 2014


*** While most of the Ahráyeph news has been available on Facebook, and there isn't a lot going on at present, Raf has been busy of late.

First off, he played a gig with his mates of UK Goth Rockers NFD on March 22nd at the Berlin Dark Spring Festival. Photos will be uploaded shortly.

Raf then suffered from a debilitating pinched nerve in his left shoulder and arm, which kept him sidelined for most of April and May, needing chiropractic therapy, but is well on the road to recovery and starting work on a writing session that won't be Ahráyeph related, but will be dedicated to a return to the metal scene, at the end of May.

Recently, he also finished a new song for his "The Twisted Psyche Of ARF" project, called 'Porcelain Angel'. ""The Twisted Psyche Of ARF" is my pet project when it comes to all kinds of oddball songs I write or cover, that don't fit into Ahráyeph or the metal project", says Raf. "So far, I've put my short film song 'Walk With Me', written in conjunction with my friend Sandy Viktor Nys into that, as well as my cover of Sylver's 'Turn The Tide', and this song, the recent proper recording of an old demo that was conceived inbetween Crucifire and Ahráyeph, back in 1998, when I wanted to do something different yet still dark."
Head over to The Twisted Psyche Of ARF's Bandcamp page to listen to this and the two other tracks.

So, does this mean Ahráyeph is dead and buried? Nope. Raf is planning a return to his main project after the metal sessions, although he did indicate something just might see a release sooner rather than later, even though he didn't say when or how yet. Good things come to those who wait, and chances are we won't have to wait too long to hear a new Ahráyeph release. Fingers crossed... ***

Posted : November 23rd, 2013


*** Ahráyeph just released its new live line up, with which Raf intends to play several live gigs in 2014. Some of the names of this line up will sound very familiar :

Raf : Guitars, Vocals

John 'Capachino' Carter (ex-Nefilim/Fields of The Nephilim, ex-XII) : Bass

Simon Cardwell (ex-James Ray's Gangwar, ex-Rhombus) : Guitars

Alex Martin (ex-XII) : Drums

This is STRICTLY a live line up, only to be seen at select events next year, so if you want to see it, start nagging your preferred goth/rock festival right now! ***

Posted : February 21st, 2013


*** After reverting back to one man project status with the departure of Ness last December, Raf recently released all the songs that were slated for the next album to the Ahráyeph Bandcamp site for download. Not only that, he also released the cover song that started the 'vintage Ahráyeph sound', The Cure's A Forest, as well as the odd one out Ramones tribute cover he did in the year 2000 under the giuse of r3.1 + Sanwa for the '1,2,3,4, A Tribute To The Ramones' sampler.

"As you all know, there wasn't going to be a new album. For one, I lacked the funds, and even though there was label interest, the offers I received came down to having to pay for everything myself anyway, which, obviously, I can't. So I thanked the labels for their interest, but in the end politely declined.

However, I always said there would be new music, and Bandcamp is the perfect outlet for me to release it. I'm not bound by deadlines or formats, and people can just download the songs they like for an affordable price, with custom artwork for every song included. I think that's a fair deal, everybody wins.

So, the songs for 'AnimAElegy', as the aborted album was going to be called (its artwork, a last collaboration between Rose Creek Design and Harbinger Design, can be seen below, click on image to enlarge) are now available from Bandcamp for 1 Euro each, in either high quality mp3 or FLAC format.

And that's not the end of it. Raf has more songs that were written between 'Marooned On Samsara' and this release, which were worked on, but left underdeveloped in order to focus on the album songs. These songs, as well as new ones, will see the light of day in the upcoming months. Besides this, he also hopes to release some new video material this year.
For now, we hope you'll like the 'AnimAElegy' songs, which besides on Bandcamp can be listened to and purchased below or on the 'Goods' page, or at the Bandcamp subpage on the Ahráyeph Facebook page. Enjoy....***

Posted : October 11th, 2012


*** Literally at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of October, the unlikely has happened : Ahráyeph is back to band status. A message from Raf follows...

"When I put out the message on October 8th, I never thought I would be eating those words - or at least half of them - a few days later. Because it was financially unfeasible to keep Ahráyeph going in a band format, after essential hardware had been repossessed (which, incidentally, has happened as I type this), and I am - still - lacking the funds to replace it, Ahráyeph as a live band was essentially over and done. The sadness that came with that realisation was beyond words, even though it did shine through in my message. I am NOT apologising for this, this is who I am. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who sent a message of sympathy and support the past few days. I appreciate it enormously, more than you may know.

Cue to literally the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of this month, when a veritable miracle happened, in the sense that a source who wants to remain anonymous has generously replaced the missing hardware, free of charge, no strings attached. It needs a few upgrades to be able to function the way it needs to for Ahráyeph live gigs, but with this hardware, we can be a live band again, even if we remain on the lookout for a new guitar player, and hopefully a bass player as well.

There are two people I need to thank for this miracle : Ness and her boyfriend Thomas. If not for her perseverance to keep the band going and his connections, this wouldn't have been possible. They literally saved the band. As said, I was always going to keep making music, and Ness would also have been part of that, but now it is possible to build up a band again. More than anything, I am immensely relieved. I can't say I'm filled with joy, because the last couple of months have taken so much out of me that happiness barely registers at this time. And besides, Goths aren't supposed to be happy anyway. But the fact remains that this is a miracle that happened and Ahráyeph is a band-in-the-making again. You will be able to see us live in 2013 after all.

As for a new album, that I remain steadfast about : there won't be one, because there's no money to make one. I would love to put together a new album, but unless I can secure the necessary funds, you will only see Ahráyeph songs being released on Bandcamp. It's still better than no music at all. And who knows, another miracle might happen and there might be an album after all eventually. Hope springs eternal...

" ***

Posted : October 8th, 2012


*** The bad news keeps pouring in : Raf has just announced Ahráyeph is going back to project status, in fact ending its incarnation as a live band. It sounds pretty permanent.

"A few weeks ago, I already observed on the Ahráyeph Facebook page that if people aren't interested in getting your music for free, you're in trouble and should consider quitting to seek recognition on an international scale. Then the tensions Ness and I had with Xavier came to a head and we felt it was best to end things, especially - this is a time for truths - as he wasn't working out live, a few exceptions aside. The sad low point of this was WGT. Now, essential materials we needed to play live were put on notice of repossession, meaning we can't play live anymore. Therefore, it's best that Ahráyeph goes back to the project status it had when I changed it from its former Crucifire incarnation back in 2000 to what it has been so far. Which isn't much. I thought long and hard about it, I talked it over with Ness, who is of course saddened by the news, as am I, because she's one of the best musicians I've ever had the privilege of working with. But it is what it is : not much in terms of being capable of being a band.

What does this mean? There will NOT be a new album. I have been pouring my own money into Ahráyeph for as long as I can remember, with little to show for. Few live concerts, few sales, a few diehard fans (whom I thank from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me), and a hell of a lot of debt, which prompted the current situation. I can't keep doing this without financial support, of which there is none. Illegal downloading hasn't helped Ahráyeph either. The money to keep going has to come from somewhere and if it doesn't, well, then there's nothing to continue with. This is where I am right now.

I will, however, continue to make music under the Ahráyeph banner. I am a musician, I was born that way and no one can take it away from me. I will keep making music till the day I die. I just won't be making albums anymore. I'll just put music out on the Bandcamp page and whoever is interested enough to go and have a look and likes what he or she hears there can buy it for 1 Euro a song. That's it. No more albums, no more band, no more live gigs, no more promotion. Just music. Thank you for your time.

" ***

Posted : October 8th, 2012


*** As of last week, guitar player Xavier Rossey is no longer involved with Ahráyeph. The message from the band reads as follows...

"With Xavier's priorities lying elsewhere, and this having been the case from the start of his involvement in the sense that he felt he could never commit to being a full fledged band member, but rather remain a live session player, and his commitments to his other entrepreneurial undertakings demanding more and more of his time to the point where he can't commit to regular rehearsals, we have mutually agreed to end the collaboration between Ahráyeph and Xavier. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours and thank him for his contributions of the past two years."

It goes without saying that the band are now looking for a replacement guitar player, as well as they are still looking to add a bass player to their ranks. Interested musicians can apply through the info[AT]ahrayeph[DOT]be email address.***

Posted : September 21st, 2012


*** With the remix of 'Farewell', Raf has opened the floodgates a little on remixes of the 'Samsara' tracks. In rapid succsession, not only 'Farewell', but also 'End II (Insight)' and a refurbished version of 'Lilith' were posted on Ahráyeph's Bandcamp page.

"As I mentioned before, I always saw 'Farewell' as a bit of a forgotten gem on the album. Not only is it the perfect ending of that album, but it's got a very dynamic atmosphere. And it has synth and guitar solos, which is a rare commodity in Ahráyeph." Concerning the other two, he says : "I never liked the mix on 'End II'. Sure, the song's intended atmosphere is Chaos, but in order for that to work, the mix needed to be anything but that, so after finishing 'Farewell', I just felt compelled to start over with this song and I was able to make it a lot clearer. It's still Chaos, but it's definable." As to why he remixed 'Lilith, Raf says : "I couldn't leave that out, because 'Lilith' is the middle part of what I refer to as 'The Nymphomania Trilogy', which starts with 'The Rain Suite' and ends with 'End II (Insight)'. Since those two songs already had gotten a makeover, I couldn't well leave 'Lilith' behind. It sounds a lot punchier now, and the vocals stand out a bit more, since at the time of 'Samsara', I had a tendency to bury my vocals in the mix because I didn't feel confident enough about my voice."

With that said, you can find the links to those songs below and at the Goods page. They are, as always, available to download for 1 Euro, in any format you like.***

Posted : September 21st, 2012


*** Last night, Raf remixed one of the songs from 'Marooned On Samsara'. He calls it 'the most overlooked gem on [the album]'. So pleased was he with how the new mix turned out, that he decided to give one digital WAV copy away to the first person who can guess and post the song's title under his post on the band's Facebook page. So what are you waiting for?***

Posted : August 18th, 2012


*** Visual proof of the live recording, at last week's Black Blood Goth Summer Fest. Enjoy!


Posted : August 16th, 2012


*** Hot on the heels of last Friday's gig at the Black Blood Goth Summer Fest, comes the first live track ever to be released by Ahráyeph : their rendition of 'Maiden By The Sea' at said festival, recorded live on stage as the band was playing its set, available for the usual measly 1 Euro. And a live video captured at the gig is in its final stages as we type this and will be published here as soon as it's uploaded on Youtube, of course.

The recording is being described by Raf as 'a warts 'n all' recording : what you'll hear is what Ahráyeph played and how they played it, no Autotuned vocals, no edits. The only thing added was a little reverb on Raf's lead vocal, because that's what happens live, too. So, here it is : enjoy!


Posted : August 13th, 2012


*** In a twist of irony, Raf has decided to release - listening only (for now?) - his version of the Eurythmics song 'Here Comes The Rain Again'.

"No, I'm not weary of the recent bout of good weather we've been enjoying after many moons of too cold Spring and Summer", Raf alleges, "And neither am I pining for more rain, except in areas plagued with drought. The reason for releasing this song is simple : we've recently played it again at the Black Blood Goth Summer Fest after an absence of almost five years and I found out that I recorded this song on August 14th 2007, so to celebrate its five year existence, I want to put it out there for everyone to hear. So, here it is! Enjoy..."


Posted : July 4th, 2012


*** Hot on the heels of the new album news, something very non-Ahráyeph comes this way. Those of you with broad tastes and an interest in 60 French Pop songs (think Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy) and Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound (that drum part reminds us of The Ronettes' 'Be My Baby' somehow) just might enjoy this. Intended for a short movie, but ultimately not used for that purpose, Raf wrote the music and his good friend Sandy Viktor Nys from Hybryds supplied the lyrics. Raf then recorded the song which contains the angelic voice of Anne Maarit Kahelin, also known as Radio Finland. All involved parties agree, though, that the song is just to good to leave gathering harddrive dust, so Raf put it out there for the unsuspecting masses to listen to. You can read the entire story on the Bandcamp page, just click the song title. The song isn't available for download just yet, but will be very soon. Enjoy...


Posted : July 3rd, 2012


*** It has been announced before, but this time it's for real : Raf has started working on the follow up to 'Marooned On Samsara'. The plan is to work on songs, both old and new and record and mix these over the course of Summer. Also in the works are new videos and possibly other media related to the upcoming album. A release date, though, has not been set, nor is it known at this time in which format the new album will surface... ***

Posted : June 30th, 2012


*** Ahráyeph is featured with one song and one video clip on the Zillo Magazine's Dark Summer 2012 DVD, which is out now. Check it out here (in German, but you only need to read the song titles, don't you?)***

Posted : May 1st, 2012


*** More good news on the live front : Ahráyeph have been confirmed to play Black Blood in Brugge (Bruges to you foreigners and Colin Farrell) on August 10th. More info will follow shortly, meanwhile, take a look at their Facebook page to keep updated on the event... ***

Posted : March 25th, 2012


*** Some pics of both our Porta Nigra dates have surfaced, so go check them out at this page. Also, the set lists for both dates have been added to the 'Gigs' page... ***

Posted : March 22nd, 2012


*** For your viewing pleasure, a video of 'White Square II', shot at the Porta Nigra Aarschot on March 17th, by Archie Campbell... ***

Posted : February 16th, 2012


*** A message from Raf and the band...

"As you probably know, there are still two video's left to be made in the first half of this year.

Earlier today, I've discussed the making of the third and last '22nd Movement' video with my friend Brainfish/Breinvis and it's turned into an ambitious project which will take us the better part of the next five months to complete.

The intention is to not only use '22nd Movement' live footage, but also shoot some new scenes and create a storyline in 3D animation which would span about half the song's time span. You may now guess which 'Samsara' song this video will be made of...

As for the other one, that will consist entirely of newly shot material. In any case, I'll be writing scenarios for both starting this weekend.

If some of you are curious about the musical side of Ahráyeph, there will be updates soon, about things old and new...


Posted : February 6th, 2012


*** The second video of the 22nd Movement footage is here. Enjoy 'Lilith'!***

Posted : January 16th, 2012


*** Fortune favours the persistent, so finally we can present to you the official video clip for 'White Square II'. Enjoy in all its HD quality!***


***We'd just like to remind you all of the closing date for preordering those new t-shirts. Only two more days left to go, midnight CET on December 31st is the closing date. Remember, if we get to 50 preorders the shirts will be made, otherwise they won't. And if we get to 100, the price drops from 20 to 16 Euros, so preorder now!!***

Posted : December 22nd, 2011


***A Good Yule to you all, as well as some Ahráyeph news. Hot off the presses : the venue for Ahráyeph's gig on May 25th at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany has been announced as the Felsenkeller (link to a photograph on the German Wikipedia). No timetable has been offered up yet, but we're sure that will be announced shortly. Or eventually. In any case, it will be announced some time next year...***

Posted : December 14th, 2011


***A message from the band :
"Yes, we've tried this before. Didn't really work then. Some personalities are just not cut out for the job or do not possess the right psyche. This one, however, is and does.

Ahráyeph is happy to announce a return to its inception days with the addition/return of former Crucifire drummer Geert De Feyter aka GBG.

Raf : "Geert and I reconnected after many years recently. To the both of us, it felt like finding a long lost brother on a personal level as well as a musical one. We've been through hell and back together and we started Crucifire together, which was the basis for Ahráyeph. When confronted with the Crucifire legacy that is Ahráyeph, Geert took to it like a duck to water. One talk led to another, then several more and as of today, 1/3 of Crucifire has been reunited within Ahráyeph."

As to when GBG will make his debut with the band, Raf had this to say : "I fully expect him to be able to join us on stage by the time Porta Nigra rolls around. Ever since he got the songs, which was about two months ago, Geert has been working on getting the drum parts down, even if things were still very much up in the air. Talk about dedication. And given his prowess on his instrument - Geert teaches drums at the same music school where I teach guitar, the aformentioned dedication and his great personality, there's no doubt he fits right in with Ness, Xavi and myself. Come see us at Porta Nigra and WGT and decide for yourselves.""

The band, still in its current threesome form, has been rehearsing intensely over the past few months, but will take a break over the holidays and reconvene, with GBG on drums right after New Year. Around this time, the recording of the next album will also commence, after having been postponed - the band were due to start recording mid- November - due to scheduling issues. Talks with record labels are still ongoing, but word from the band is they fully expect the album to be picked up and released in the first half of 2012...***

Posted : December 6th, 2011


***So, Raf posted some new artwork on the Facebook page, with the question whether or not it would look good on a new t-shirt. The reactions were positive and plentiful enough to think about having them made, but only if you, the people, preorder and prefinance them. At this time, it is not in the band's financial grasp to prefinance the shirts themselves.

So here's how this works : if our Merch department gets 50 or more orders via the email address in the link, the shirts will get made. Basically, you send them a first mail to preorder before December 31st, in which you include your name, delivery address, size and shape (unisex and girlies will both be available) and method of payment. Merch prefers PayPal, but they also do international bank transfers and accept cash in an envelope as well.

Now, here's where things get interesting : if Merch gets 50 preorders or more, the shirts will get made, but they will cost you 20 Euros (or the equivalent in dollars or pounds), which would include shipping costs. However, if Merch gets 100 preorders or more, the price tag will be dropped from 20 to 16 Euros, shipping still included. So you could save yourself some money, as well as have a brand new Ahráyeph shirt!

To finish the whole story : once the final tally for the shirts reaches either 50 or 100 at December 31st, Merch will send out emails with payment details. You will then get until January 20th to pay for your shirt. Then the total sum should be in and the shirt design will go to print. Another two weeks, and you can look forward to a nice new Ahráyeph shirt in your mail box. Good deal? If so, start sending those emails now! And remember, the closing date is December 31st!***

Posted : November 26th, 2011


*** Here it is, the first in a series of three video clips, to be released in succession over the coming weeks. Don't say Ahráyeph doesn't deliver during the holiday season. By the way, it's available in HD, you only need to adjust the resolution to your liking.
Instead of resting on his laurels, Raf took to the job of editing the footage of the very first Ahráyeph gig at the 22nd Movement, back in September 2007, in order to release this footage.

In Raf's own words :"While I really appreciate the efforts of fans posting videos with archived images from past editions of this site, it frustrated me that I never got around to releasing more videos myself. The live footage's sound was decent enough, but not up to standard, as it was first intended. So I asked myself if there was a way to do more with it, and there was. I recently remixed some 'Samsara' songs, of which 'Distanced' was one. The song being a fan favourite, I felt I could put the live footage together with the new mix, in order to create a video that shows you the atmosphere at our very first gig, while having it sounding good at the same time. And since the Mk.I version of the band was on good form that night, the footage synced up very well with the remixed audio of the studio version."

Shooting that footage at the 22nd Movement were a German couple by the names of Jani and MiniCarl. Raf : "I am indebted to them for coming all the way from Germany and shooting the gig. Jani and MiniCarl are the nicest people and I can't thank them enough for this gift. Most audience shot video just comes from one source, so I was really lucky to have two which were shot with identical cameras to use for this video and the next one."

Indeed, we mentioned this in the previous news bulletin : another 2nd Movement sourced videoclip is on the way. Can we hear more about it? Raf : "I won't release the title. All I can say is that I'll put even more effort into this one and it'll be something of a 'tour de force'. And that's all the hints I can and am willing to give."

Sounds intriguing, again. Meanwhile, enjoy 'Distanced!***

Posted : November 13th, 2011


*** A message from the band :

"Not only will you now have to anticipate the release of the official video for 'White Square', but to make the waiting period a bit more pleasant for you, we've recut some old live video stuff from the Ahráyeph Mk.I era, which was shot by Jani and MiniCarl (liebe Grüsse an euch!) at the 22nd Movement gig in 2007, and are mixing it together with images made at Rose Creek visual for not one, but TWO videoclips for songs off the 'Samsara' album! These won't be live versions of the songs, but live video footage accompanied by the remixed studio versions of these songs, as no decent quality live audio recording of this gig - Ahráyeph's very first! - exists. The current Youtube live videos of 'Lilith', 'Seele' and 'Blue Water', which were also taken from that gig's raw footage, can attest to that. The clips will be released shortly (within the two following weeks), but if you want to watch them, you will have to add Ahráyeph on Google +, because they will be released there first exclusively! For those not being on Google +, not to worry, the clips will surface here and on the other Ahráyeph web pages after a week or so..."***

Posted : November 13th, 2011


*** Ahráyeph is keeping up with the times as they are a- changin' rapidly in this digitally connected world and they can now also be found on Google +, giving their web masters yet another page to maintain (not that were complaining, of course)..."***

Posted : November 4th, 2011


*** Peek A Boo Magazine posted an interview with Raf on its website today. Go and check it out!***

Posted : October 21st, 2011


*** So Raf's been a bit prolific of late, and to wash down the disappointment of the video clip release being set back, he released something else instead : the 2011 mix of the old (by now rather ancient) Crucifire song 'White Square', as well as the recently finished Sophia cover song, 'Leaving', both available as a 1 Euro download in any format (WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc.) at the Ahráyeph Bandcamp page, through the links below, or those at the Goods page.

"I don't like calling an adaptation of an existing song a 'cover' song, but since most people do, let's call it that anyway. What matters is that I put my heart and soul in it. I just dug deep into the emotions the original made me feel, which wasn't easy as back then, that album [Sophia's 'There Are No Goodbyes'] and that song reflected what I was going through myself with eerie similarity. So dredging that back up was never easy.", says Raf.

"The same goes for 'White Square'. It is a song that was written under circumstances and reflect a point of view that is still very relevant to me today, even if the background is different now. Nevertheless, it was the song all of us in Crucifire were the most proud of and it hasn't lost any of its dark lustre after all this time."

Also made available on Bandcamp, but for listening purposes only, is a recently updated mix of the 'Marooned On Samsara' song 'Misanthropia'.

Raf : "I was always very ambiguous about this song, because its main musical influence just shone through in such a blatant way. I felt it was a reason not to play the song live anymore, even if it rocked. My guitar player, Xavier, suggested I have another look at it, because he likes the song a lot, so I decided to mix it all over again and a funny thing happened : it just rocked so much more and I could definitely see its potential, where before I had refused to. What a few sonic tweaks can do. It also helps that recent worldwide events tie in with the lyrics of this song, hence I named it the '2011 Indignados Mix'. Still, it is not a political statememt, but rather an observation about our western society and the culpability we all have in varying degrees in sustaining it."

So enjoy this recent sonic assault below while gearing up for what will unquestionably be a busy year for Ahráyeph. The band will go into a higher gear starting next month, with the recording for the next album commencing while live rehearsals continue. The videoclip will be reshot and re- edited between now and the end of the year, and will see its release at the tail end of 2011 too if all goes well...***

Posted : October 9th, 2011


*** Lightning strikes twice in a row : We can now announce that Ahráyeph has been confirmed by the Porta Nigra Festival to appear on both dates of the 'From The Ashes Of Angels' festival, which takes place next year on Saturday March 17th at JC De Klinker in Aarschot, Belgium and Sunday March 18th at Die Werkstatt in Cologne, Germany.

"This has been brewing for a while now," Raf says, "but for obvious reasons we didn't want to announce our appearance at Porta Nigra before the promoters did. The band and I are very happy that Porta Nigra chose us to open the festival twice in a row. It proves there are promoters who are willing to give relatively unknown talent a chance. Both they and their fans, as well as those who don't know us yet can rest assured we'll grab this opportunity with both hands to prove ourselves in the presence of some of the biggest names among our peers. We're definitely looking forward to it."

Definitely sounds intriguing, so keep checking the Porta Nigra website and Facebook page for announcements about these 'peers' Raf is referring to... ***

Posted : October 9th, 2011


*** Good as well as bad news from Raf at Ahráyeph's Facebook page : "Videoclip news : unfortunately, the postproduction has fallen way behind, and as a result, we're considering reshoots since some footage didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped for. Update soon on where this is going, but rest assured all of us really want to release the clip eventually."

At least we can take away from this that there will eventually be a video, albeit later than intended.

The good news is that Raf also posted on Facebook that the adaptation of the Sophia song 'Leaving' is coming along nicely and will most likely be finished by the end of this month, before the bands gets into preproduction mode for the next album... ***

Posted : September 21st, 2011


*** Yes, you read it right : Ahráyeph will be playing at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany next year on Friday, May 25th, the first day of the festival.

"I'm psyched Ahráyeph will be playing at one of the most prestigious festivals in our scene", says Raf. "It's definitely a dream come true and we're all looking forward to giving the audience everything we've got, because that is always our goal when we play live."

Although the band's spot on the bill has been confirmed, neither the venue nor the time slot have been made available so far. Of course we will keep you posted about this, as well as more live news for 2012, which we can confirm is definitely coming. Seems like the band is making up for lost time on stage next year... ***

Posted : August 15th, 2011


*** The merch department has decided to take a break, cut prices and do a summer sale from today until September 15th. So hurry along to this page and get some Ahráyeph stuff for a bargain! ***

Posted : August 9th, 2011


*** With the video shoot happening last week (all went well, read Raf's blog on Facebook) there was also an opportunity to take a few pics of the band. Hence, new official band photos are now available on the 'Images' page. Check it out!

More news will follow imminently. About the video shoot, of course, and some other things in the works that we can't divulge just yet without unleashing the band's wrath upon us. Patience, fans and friends, patience... ***

Posted : July 4th, 2011


*** Follow Ahráyeph on Twitter for updates on the progress of the videoclip! ***

Posted : June 29th, 2011


*** Raf has just informed us that the work for the first official Ahráyeph videoclip has now started in earnest. He will collaborate with friend and colleague Sandy Victor Nys of the experimental industrial project Hybryds.

If you're expecting this clip to emerge between now and next week, don't get your hopes up : these are the initial stages and much work still has to be done before filming can even begin.

So far, information and ideas have been sent back and forth on what song to tackle and how to go about it, but this process has definitely started. We certainly are stoked to see what the end result will be... ***

Posted : June 21st, 2011

*** Happy Summer Solstice and welcome to the new Ahráyeph website.

What you see here before you is a transitional website. 'Marooned On Samsara' has been out for three years now, Raf is hard at work to ensure the next release will be something special both musically as well as visually, as he referenced several times in the past few months. So we thought : 'why wait until the next release?' Yes, there will be a brand new website coinciding with the new release, but we felt it was time for a change. So we've set about redesigning and upgrading the coding of the website, making it faster to load and with cool graphics (if we may say so ourselves).

Functionality has improved, not in the least on the photo pages. There will be more upgrades in the forthcoming months, making it easier to stay abreast of what's going on with the band (newsletter, anyone?) and we're hoping to implement some more, shall we say, 'dynamic' content than just static photographs.

Yes, we are referring to Ahráyeph's very first official videoclip, among others. Raf already announced it to those of you following the band on Facebook and it will premiere in the near future on the Belgium Electro Facebook page, as a thank you to the good people there who hold open mindedness in music in high regard and put it in practice, too. They've promoted Ahráyeph heavily in the past month, so wanting to repay in kind, Raf decided that they would get the scoop on the video when it's finished. Which song? We don't know, he hasn't told us. Could be something old, could be new-yet-already-known, or just plain brand new. But it definitely sounds tempting!

In the mean time, enjoy browsing through the refurbished website! ***