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Heavy Like The Ancient Sun

by Ahráyeph

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MAIR BASS!!! 01:38
08/13 04:57
This is the day The world went away Slipped and fade Sated and content No longer in defence A heartbeat came and went And I slipped away I was swinging Ears ringing In music still immersed Future Feast Back on my feet But on cool, smooth tiles I slipped away
Weegie 04:33
I’m Glesga through and through I’m no jist passin’ thru I prophesy disaster If ye no gie me ma due Thi Molly raised me richt So I’m no a simple tool But I’ll be a fearsome baisturt if I cannae hear ma choons Seen Belgium and Dundee And Washington DC I drank in many places But ye cannae get the Weegie out o’ me You made my life Yir in ma blood Yir in ma heart This place I love Thi green wis runnin’ thru ma veins It’s nowt that I wid hide For aw it’s plain tae see I may noo be departed But a Weegie I will always be! Ye’ll never get the Weegie oot o’ me!
Roam the skies in Hallowed Light To see the Brother from another Mother taking Flight Touch down in a different town Wide eyes watch, all around Let’s take a ride under shrouded skies Reelin’ round the fountain on a Patio : Slappin’’ Time Let’s get together under city lights Seven Heavy Devils on a Dark September Night Broken Heart and the Biggest of Si’s Drinking till a woman runs screaming into the Night Take another round through the Heart of the Dawn Riding out the Storm till the morning comes along Roam around in a different town Senses wide, drinkin’ in new sounds Captured in the Moment of this 22nd Movement Raptured by the Tribute of a Summer that will Never Land We oughta dae this again
I am Curmudgeon And I say what I want Get bent, ya FUD Ye paedophilic whine Ye weird bearded ponce I am Curmudgeon And I’m in pain It is my license To lash out Ye lily livered snowflakes Ye hypocritic fans Of lang deid tribute bands I am Curmudgeon! I am Curmudgeon And I’ll stomp all over you It’s what I do Ye cowering musician Ye blethering buffoon Ye better listen I am Curmudgeon I have all the answers To yer pathetic problems Ye better heed ma words For if they go unheard You’ll remain the feckless ERSE ye ur Cause I am Curmudgeon! Here comes the pain!
The Line 03:44
Never apologise, never explain You should know by now I’m set in my ways Never vying for favours or gain Shrugging off the blame Now boozy and content, in the presence of myself I scan the screen, listen with intent I speak Thee Afterword, it’s all I need And never a desire To toe The Line But your silence Has a hold on me questioning myself For this Brotherhood I concede I’ll rein in my Ire For you I’ll resign to toe the line No words will come between us No more This bond will not be broken No more No silence, verbal violence No more No more
Two years on And here we are All you left behind The memories in our minds The world is emptier The world is colder Without that Sun You heavy, ancient sun You cast off shadows from my encumbered mind Observed the shroud, not letting it lie Driven by the sounds that lit up your life Your spirits raised and ready to rave Like the sun And I wonder where you are now Waiting till my end of time Is your god there in your sky now Curse this loss heavy like the sun Shine on You font of puns Shine on You king of curses Shine on Shine on Ye magnificent baisturt I will be there At the great gig in the sky I’ll see you there And again, together we will shine! Shine Heavy like the ancient sun
For Molly 03:33


Today, the day of this album's release, marks what should have been the 60th birthday of one of the best friends I've ever had, a Glaswegian who identified himself as James Blaast!™. Yes, with the exclamation point and the trademark symbol included. He was the one who bestowed the ‘Prog Goth’ label on Ahràyeph first. James died unexpectedly two days after his 58th birthday, which was the day we had last spoken. I even played 'Happy Birthday' on my guitar for him while Facetiming, which made him laugh. After a slew of medical mishaps, none of which contributed to his sudden death, he was happy and content. He hadn't always been, as will be evidenced in some of the songs you'll find on this release.

To say I was devastated by his death, just two days after we had spoken and he seemed in good health - for the Type 2 diabetic with neuropathy he was - is not an understatement, and it made for a sad trip to Glasgow, the city where he lived and of which he was a very proud son. I was welcomed there by his 95 year old mother, the inimitable Molly, who sadly went to join her son last January.

At the wake in the weekend before his funeral, I came up with the plan to pour my grief and the testament to our close friendship into an album, which was met with support from all in attendance. What you see here, is the result of that plan. And I didn't do it completely alone this time. James had more musician friends than just me, and while some had to pull out at the last minute due to circumstances beyond their control, Tom Rafferty of Glasgow band The Primevals kindly contributed two solo spots. I cannot thank him enough and James would have loved us working together. Also on board, albeit in an indirect way, is another of my oldest friends, Kurt De Bruycker, who many moons ago arranged a song I had written on guitar on piano, and for which I later arranged an additional cello part, and had also recorded it at the time with the intent of using it on a Crucifire demo. I never could make it fit in anywhere, as lyrics never seemed to work, but I felt it would make a fitting tribute to Molly, so it finally has been put to good use.

I wrote these songs about some key aspects of James' life and some events we experienced together, like the weekend he flew in to attend the first ever Ahrayeph gig, which he had dubbed 'The 22nd Movement', taking place on September 22nd of '07 as it did. The movement was all his, of course.

James Blaast!™ was many things, but never a one dimensional kind of person, and I'm a better person for having known him. I hope I'll see him again when my number is up. But on this day and with this release, I will raise a glass to him. Or, as the man himself used to say it : GET IT RICHT UP YE!


released August 11, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Rose Creek Studio, May through August 2018 by Raf Ahrayeph

Vocals recorded at Casa Mysteria, July 2nd through July 12th 2018

All songs by Raf Ahrayeph
All instruments played by Raf Ahrayeph
Solo guitar on 'MAIR BASS!!!' and '08-13' by Tom Rafferty
Piano & piano arrangement on 'For Molly' : Kurt De Bruycker

Artwork by Rose Creek Audiovisual, all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Ahráyeph Leuven

Prog, Goth, Rock, something music-y. Definitely dark. Dark is good. If you like dark music with the odd odd time signatures thrown in with the melancholy, this is your place to be.

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